About Us

Our Past

Our Great-grandfather, Jacob Hild (wife Fredericka Bollenger), began farming in the U.S. when they moved here from Germany in the late 1800s. He farmed the land where we currently live until his son Ernst Hild and wife Irene (Shellhammer) took over the operation in the 1920s. J Lee Hild (wife Leora Febus) followed in his father’s footsteps until the mid-90s when he passed the baton to Jim.

Our Present

Hild Family Farms is currently under the management of Jim Hild and is located in central Illinois near Illiopolis. Situated in the “Golden Triangle”, our farms are in the area between Bloomington, Springfield, and Decatur, IL. Always on the cutting edge, our goal is to produce high-yielding corn and soybeans year after year. Jim and his wife Janis have three sons:

Shonn Hild is the owner of Hild Landscaping in Mattoon, IL. His wife Christy works for the Mattoon school district. They have a son named Beckett and a daughter named Harper.

Jay Hild is employed by the USDA and his wife Nicole is a nurse. They live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have two daughters. Josie and Kyla.

Adam Hild and his wife Madeline live near in central Illinois. They’re raising three children, Audrey, Calvin & Heidi. 

Our Future

The Hild family hopes to continue a profitable farming business in central Illinois for many years to come. They want to make a difference in their community, while providing a stable, wholesome life for their children and grandchildren.

If you are interested in being a part of this progressive farm family, please contact us! We would consider it an honor to farm for you, and would treat your land with respect.