Equipment & Technology

We farm with a reliable modern line of equipment that lets us perform all field operations in a timely manner.

Our state-of- the-art technology includes Auto Steer that reduces overlap and driver fatigue. By using GPS we can map varieties as they are planted, fertilizer as it is applied, and yields as they are harvested. We know what fertilizer rates are needed based on up-to-date GPS-based samples of soil or leaf tissue.

The latest seed and herbicide technology is used to maximize yield potential. Rather than relying solely on data from others, our own on-farm research helps us determine what factors produce the greatest profit. We have laser grade control on our dirt-moving equipment so that we can reshape waterways, ditches, or improve surface drainage.

We believe there is no single factor that insures success, but it’s a combination of many practices that lead to profitability.

Yield map showing variables in the field.